Research Areas

Research, learning and teaching are aligned to local, regional and national needs, spanning four areas: Sustainable Business and Community Development; Societal Innovation; Design, Heritage and the Built Environment; and Medicine and Health.


Sustainable Business and Community Development

The Centre for Sustainable Business and Community Development is a multidisciplinary centre focused on applied research that aims to inform high-quality teaching and learning, as well as innovation and enterprise. Research strengths in the centre include business and management, marketing, destination development, and entrepreneurship and finance. Working in collaboration with the other three research centres at University Centre Shrewsbury, the Centre for Sustainable Business and Community Development seeks opportunities to collaborate across traditional discipline boundaries.

The Centre works in partnership with the Faculty of Business and Management at the University of Chester, providing access to a range of opportunities for collaboration and development. These include the Researcher Development Hub (RDH), which aspires to grow an internationally excellent research community, building towards the Research Excellence Framework 2020. The RDH enables research students and staff to create a dynamic environment through workshops, seminars, mentoring and an annual research conference.

We provide an environment that enables academics to have a structured approach to developing their research expertise and impact. Opportunities are actively sought for knowledge transfer to apply cutting-edge research into a practical context, to support the growth and development of organisations and the communities in which they operate.

There is a strong emphasis on building research expertise and networks, and we encourage the support of a number of visiting Professors and Fellows who share their considerable knowledge and experience with our research community. 


Societal Innovation

The Centre for Societal Innovation at University Centre Shrewsbury is a broad-ranging research group that brings together academics from a variety of disciplines with a specialist interest in community-based projects. It has a particular focus on areas of research that are of special interest to Shrewsbury and Shropshire, ranging from the rural community to entrepreneurship in the town. The Centre has specific interests in education, health and the voluntary sector.

Allied to the Faculty of Social Science at the University of Chester, the Centre is cross-disciplinary, and aims to bring colleagues together from departments such as Psychology and Geography. Working with colleagues from other research Centres at UCS, and with local interest groups, the Centre hopes to form organic and responsive research collaborations that will support the development of novel and evidence-based solutions to societal issues. Furthermore, we look to support and develop research students and new career researchers through strong departmental research structures and courses that already exist at the University of Chester.


Design, Heritage and the Built Environment

The Centre for Design, Heritage and the Built Environment is a dual focus centre of the Historic Built Environment and Museology. The Centre’s research takes advantage of the available facilities in Shrewsbury/Shropshire to ensure that the sustainability and economic regeneration potential of the historic environment is realised.

Research strengths involve a variety of disciplines, including collections management, regeneration, conservation architecture, project management and heritage interpretation.

The Centre provides an environment that enables academics to benefit from the ability to experience collections management first hand for the purposes of research. Such research forms the basis of temporary exhibitions and publications to allow a holistic experience of museology and cultural management. Similarly, the Centre provides opportunities to work on complex built environment challenges taken from real case studies. This allows for valuable experience of heritage management, and the practicalities of listed building consents, planning requirements and the potential for the historic environment in economic regeneration and sustainability.

The very development of the University Centre Shrewsbury infrastructure within the historic environment of Shrewsbury is intrinsically linked to the Centre, and research includes direct involvement in architectural massing, heritage investigation and planning conditions/consents analysis.

There is a strong emphasis on building research expertise and networks, and we encourage the support of a number of visiting experts, both academics and practitioners, who share their considerable knowledge and experience with our research community. 


Medicine and Health

The Centre for Medicine and Health aims to establish a vibrant and exciting research culture that puts the health needs of the patient at its core and which inspires our teaching environment, developing and nurturing the next generation of doctors and medical researchers.

We are working with hospitals and other health providers locally, and we aim to make significant discoveries and advances in biomedicine; health technology and engineering; mental health; epidemiology; genetics; occupational medicine; and translational medicine.

We will translate our research into practical improvements in everyday medical practice that aim to enhance public health – researching social medicine; women’s health; forensic medicine and the law; medical education; and ethics (thereby advancing cost) – with effective, evidence-based medicine.

The University of Chester’s Institute of Medicine (IoM) has the aspiration to become a leading centre for first-class medical research, with locations in Chester and Shrewsbury. The Centre for Medicine and Health will be working with the IoM’s existing strengths in biomedical research, cardiovascular physiology, nursing and psychology.


To discover what opportunities may be available within each research area, please contact University Centre Shrewsbury:

T: +44 (0)1743 297185