Use our glossary below to find out definitions of words and phrases you will hear before, during and after your time at University Centre Shrewsbury.

Please contact us if a word or phrase you have overheard is not included in this list. This glossary will be added to soon.


If you are eligible for a bursary, this will provide you with financial assistance to help with costs associated to your course.

Changed offer
This could be either conditional or unconditional. This simply means that we were unable to make you an offer on the course you applied for, but that we are able to make you an offer on a different, or similar, course.

Conditional Offer
You will receive a conditional offer if you have not yet completed your qualifications and/or you are expected to gain additional experience.

Deferred Entry
This provides you with the opportunity to postpone your studies to the following year of entry.

Foundation Year
These courses have been designed for students who do not have the necessary academic qualifications needed to enter directly into the first year of a degree but who have the ability and commitment to do so.  The Foundation Year may also be of interest to mature students who have been out of formal education for an extended period of time or who wish to change their academic field of study.  

Studying a course full-time traditionally takes three years to complete, unless your course has the option of a sandwich year placement, in which case you could gain a year’s professional work experience in a company or organisation.

A form of teaching, where a lecturer (teaching member of staff), will present course information in a classroom environment.

Each academic year is made up of modules, a module is a topic of study you will study over the duration of the year. You may find that you have core and optional modules during your degree, allowing you to tailor your degree to your interests.

If studying a course part-time, you will have seven years to complete the course. This provides you with two years to complete the modules required for each year of study.

A further education option. The level of study you would be undertaking once you’ve completed your first degree.

Programme Leader
An academic staff member in charge of delivering a particular course. You should contact the Programme Leader if you have any course specific questions.

Research Areas
The research, learning and teaching at University Centre Shrewsbury is aligned to local, regional and national needs, spanning four areas: Sustainable Business and Community Development; Societal Innovation; Design, Heritage and the Built Environment; and Medicine and Health.

Similar to a bursary, a scholarship will provide you with financial assistance to help with costs associated to your course. However, eligibility may depend on the basis of academic, sporting or musical achievement.

S:PEAR programme
A core weekly programme, the S:PEAR programme is designed to enhance your future career by identifying the skills, knowledge and behaviours employers value. The programme aims to provide you with a range of expert sessions, and tailored support and guidance appropriate to your level of study.  

Study Abroad
Depending on your course of study, we offer a number of exciting ways in which you can incorporate international study within your degree.

Academic members of staff who are involved in delivering a course.

Unconditional Offer
You will receive an unconditional offer if you have already achieved the necessary conditions or qualifications for the course.

The level of study you would be undertaking to gain your first degree.

Work Based Learning
A module available to most students in their second year of study (Level 5). It provides you with the opportunity to try out a possible future career and gain essential experience by spending time working in an organisation in your chosen field, anywhere in the UK.