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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Are you a parent, teacher or youth worker? 

Would you value some additional guidance on dealing with mental health issues faced by children and young people?

On Friday July 14, University Centre Shrewsbury presents a day of workshops, discussions and quick tips for anyone involved with children and adolescents. The aim is to provide participants with practical and immediate ways of tackling mental health issues in children and adolescents.

Topics include...

  • How to engage with young children;

  • Identification of abuse (domestic or sexual) with a particular focus on schools;

  • Emotional resilience in children/building emotional resilience;

  • Exam pressure and strategies for parents and teachers;

  • The reality of social media peer pressure.

We also provide mini-sessions (Mindbites) to provide attendees with unique and practical suggestions: five-minute mini-talks presenting tools/strategies, followed by discussion.
Examples include...

  • Eating disorders/self-harm;

  • Resilience;

  • Addressing teachers’ worries regarding ‘not being trained for this sort of thing’;

  • Coping strategies;

  • ‘Self-esteem team’;

  • Children in care.

Attendance is free but booking is essential. Email conferences@ucshrewsbury.ac.uk or call 01743 297185 to book a place.