Notes For Applicants

Please take a moment to read through some of the regulations and procedures that govern the admission of students to courses by the University of Chester (‘the University’) at University Centre Shrewsbury. If you have any questions or concerns about anything you read below, please contact us, and we will undertake to explain matters further.

Admissions Policy

The procedures implemented by the University’s Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions Service derive their authority from the University’s Principles and Regulations, from guidelines set by the National College for Teaching and Leadership and the Nursing and Midwifery Council, from the European Directive in respect of distance contracts, and from conventions stipulated by UCAS, UTT, SPA (Supporting Professionalism in Admissions), and the Advertising Standards Authority.

The admission of all students to courses is contingent on the reasonable expectation that the student will be able to complete their course of study successfully. The offer of a place is based on the University’s stated entry criteria, and an interview or audition, where deemed applicable. The University’s recruitment strategy is informed by its strong commitment to advice and guidance, and reflects the University’s mission statement and widening participation strategy. The University accepts General Studies and language qualifications, other than English, achieved by native speakers of that language, as part of our offer.

Download our full undergraduate admissions policy

Complaints Procedure

The University is committed to providing the highest possible standard of service for all applicants. However, if something should go wrong, or you feel that you have some genuine cause for complaint, please tell us so that we can endeavour to put matters right.

Most complaints/queries can be resolved informally and will be dealt with as quickly as possible, and as close as possible to the point at which they arise. If you have a query or complaint regarding the admissions process or a selection decision, you should, in the first instance, refer it to the relevant Admissions section.

If you remain dissatisfied, you should contact the Director of Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions. Thereafter, if you are not satisfied with the response, the matter will be referred to the Dean(s) of Faculty and, if necessary, to University Senior Management.

Complaints and Appeals Process for Applicants

Data Protection

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, some or all of the information that you supply to us may be held in paper-based or electronic filing systems, and
may be used by us to further inform you about courses, services, facilities and events provided by the University. If you enrol as a student with us, this information may
be shared with appropriate third parties in connection with the provision of our educational and other services. On payment of a £10 administration fee, you are entitled to ask for a copy of any information that we hold about you, whether paper-based or electronic, and you have the right to request that inaccurate information be changed or removed.


The University is committed to ensuring equality of educational opportunity for all applicants and welcomes applications from individuals with disabilities. All applications are considered on the same academic grounds as non-disabled applicants and there is no judgement or assessment of disability prior to an offer being made. We would encourage you to contact Disability Support to arrange an appointment to discuss your needs in more detail – this can be at any time in the process but we would recommend it is before you arrive to enable any support to be identified and set up as efficiently as possible.

While we will make every effort to implement adjustments, in very occasional circumstances where adjustments cannot be reasonably made, or where fitness to practice concerns exist, we may have to withdraw an offer. This decision is very rare, however, and taken only after every reasonable consideration has been made.

Changes and Cancellations

We are committed to informing applicants of changes without delay, and to offering them advice, guidance, and/or alternative programmes of study. Every effort
is made to ensure that the information provided to applicants about programmes is complete and correct at the time of publication. Since information is prepared so far in advance of delivery, it is subject to changes

to or withdrawal of courses, locations or entry criteria. Applicants will be notified of substantive changes to programmes of study or course cancellations, as early as possible in the application cycle. In the case of course cancellations, the University will undertake to offer applicants an alternative course.


The University is committed to the active promotion of equality of opportunity, and aims to ensure that all applicants are treated solely on the basis of their aptitude, ability and potential to pursue all modes and forms of study, and to achieve their full potential. The University will seek to ensure that no one will be disadvantaged or discriminated against on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership status, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation. The University also seeks actively to increase levels of recruitment from groups currently under-represented in higher education and aims to offer educational opportunities to those members of the community who are capable of benefiting from them.

Enrolment Conditions

A place at University Centre Shrewsbury is offered subject to our contractual terms and conditions of enrolment. These make explicit your and our rights, responsibilities and obligations and include your agreement to abide by our regulations, rules, bylaws and codes of conduct. When you accept the offer of a place, a contract will come into existence between you and the University on these terms and conditions and you are required to agree, and sign an undertaking, to comply with them. Breach of any of these conditions may give rise to disciplinary action being taken, under the disciplinary procedures of the University and/ or termination of the agreement. The University’s terms and conditions of enrolment may be found in full on our website.

Freedom of Information

As a public organisation, the University is subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Subject to specified exceptions, this confers a right to ask the University about information that it holds. Anyone making such a request has the right to be informed in writing whether that information is readily available, and to have the information communicated to them. Further details about this entitlement may be found at

Quality Assurance

The University affirms its commitment to the precepts derived from the UK Quality Code for Higher Education, with respect to the recruitment and admission of students (2012).

Freedom of Speech

The University is committed to freedom of speech within the law for students and staff (section 43 of the Education (No. 2) Act 1986) and to promoting the rights and responsibilities of freedom of inquiry and expression which lie at the core of scholarship.

Alternative Formats

This document is available in alternative formats upon request. If you require any parts of this prospectus in other formats (for example large print, on tape or in Braille) please contact our Enquiries Team by telephone on 01244 511000 or email

For further information on any of the above, email: