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About Dr Chris Sharp

After graduating I worked in the chemical industry before relocating to Shropshire to take up a research post in connective tissue biochemistry at a specialist orthopaedic hospital. After completing a post-graduate research studentship at Manchester University I undertook a period of post-doctoral research training in Finland investigating crosslinked collagen telopeptide structures and how various components of the collagen molecule could be used as markers of collagen turnover in metabolic bone disease.  Following this, on my return to the UK I undertook research into metabolic bone disease which led to a sabbatical period at Linkoping University in Sweden.  This work involved the characterisation of recently discovered, novel bone-specific isoforms of alkaline phosphatase, a enzyme important in bone formation. On returning to the UK I undertook clinical research into various aspects of the musculo-skeletal health and was also involved with NHS service management. After leaving the NHS I worked with a newly established biotech company developing and producing products for use in veterinary orthopaedics. I am currently a senior lecturer at University Centre Shrewsbury and currently lead the biochemistry and genetics & evolution programmes. I have active interests in world-wide travel, when and where-ever possible, including mountaineering or old bones and palaeontology.


Chris is module lead for several modules including MD4302 Molecules of Life; MD4306 Essential Physiology; MD5015 Metabolism;  MD6007 Protein Interactions and MD6004 Biological Membranes and also contributes to teaching on several other undergraduate modules at University Centre Shrewsbury.


Chris’s research interests include bone health, bone and intervertebral disc biochemistry. He has published more than 50 peer-reviewed scientific papers.  

Published Work

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BSc Hons Biochemistry, University College, Cardiff
PhD Chemistry, Victoria University of Manchester