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If you’re starting as a new student with us this term, you’ve hopefully confirmed your place and now the excitement is building in anticipation of your move to Shrewsbury! With moving day looming ever closer, we have compiled a few tips to help ease your transition into student life.

1. Stay Fed and Watered

We do our best to make moving day as quick and efficient as possible, but know that it can be a long day, especially for those coming from further afield. Moving to a new home is always going to be a little chaotic, in a good way of course! So it’s important that you don’t forget to do the essentials… eat lunch and stay hydrated. Bring a packed lunch and plenty of drinks on the day so that you can get moved in and settled as quickly as possible.

2. Bring Some Helpers – But Not Too Many!

While it’s nice to show off your new surroundings to the whole family, remember you have all year to show them your new digs and surroundings, so say your goodbyes to extended family back at home and invite them up once you are settled. Our accommodation will be very busy with students moving in, so extra bodies will just make the process more difficult and will bring added stress that you just don’t need.

3. Pack Smart

Remember you can leave the kitchen sink at home! All the rooms are fully furnished and we provide kettles and toasters too, so have a read of our blog on what to bring before you head out to the shops so that you only buy what you need. There may be things that you want to buy as a flat between you, so go easy when buying before you arrive in order to avoid the ‘our kitchen has four toastie makers’ situation. While it’s nice to have everything you need with you upon arrival, it isn’t essential, as our accommodation is in the middle of town you will find plenty of shops that will have everything you need to get kitted out. 

4. Act Smart!

We are sure you are looking forward to living away from home, and for most of you gaining that independence of living away from your family for the first time will bring great excitement. While it will be nice to have your own space, it’s important to ensure that you accept the responsibilities that this brings. Shrewsbury is a really safe town but it’s still important to ensure that you lock up your room when you head out.

5. Don't Forget Your TV Licence

Can’t live without the telly? Remember to sort a TV licence out, as this isn’t included in the price of the room. It’s worth remembering that even if you don’t have an actual TV, if you’re still planning on streaming shows online you’ll still need a TV licence. You don’t want a nasty fine getting in the way of your enjoyment of The Great British Bake Off!


If you have any questions about student accommodation at Shrewsbury, please feel free to get in touch by emailing

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