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Moving away to university is an exciting time, and for most of you it will be the first time you have officially lived away from home, so you’ll probably be wondering what you should bring and how to get it to your new home?

Whilst you might be tempted to pack all of your possessions, there really is no need. Remember, whatever you bring, you have to take back (as well as everything else you collect along the way), so keep it simple. If you don’t use it at home, you probably won’t be using it at university.

If you’re struggling, here’s a quick list of what you might want to bring with you:


Bedding: Our accommodation partners Shropshire Council don’t provide bedding - so don’t forget to pack a quilt and pillows.

Room decorations: Cushions, photographs, posters will help to make your room feel more homely and more like your own personal space.

Laundry bin: Not only will this help you keep your room in order, but it’s also a useful tool when transporting your dirty clothes to the laundry room… and not back to mum and dad’s house.


Laptop: Whether you’re writing assignments, taking notes in lectures, or getting your Netflix fix, your laptop is bound to become your most prized possession whilst at university. And with free Wi-Fi at Guildhall and Mardol House, you’ll always be able to connect on the go. 

Mobile phone and charger: Obvious one.

USB memory stick: It’s always a good idea to have a backup of anything you’re working on – the last thing you want is to lose your dissertation on deadline day!


Kitchen essentials: Whilst a microwave, kettle and toaster are already provided, you and your housemates will need cutlery, a spatula and serving spoons, pans, baking trays, a tin opener, bottle opener, plates and mugs.

But don’t rush out to buy them yet! Wait until you arrive and see what your housemates have bought with them because together you could buy a set of communal kitchen essentials, save a few pennies, and then cook up a storm together.  

Food: It might sound silly, but people easily forget the important stuff - like food. Make sure you arrive with enough meals to last you a few days, although Mardol is located right in the centre of town, so there’s no need to panic if you suddenly realise you forgot the milk. Everything is within easy distance so you’ll be enjoying a nice cuppa in no time.


Want to know more? 

If you have any questions about student accommodation at Shrewsbury, please feel free to get in touch by emailing

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