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A Professor contributing to the University Centre Shrewsbury curriculum is urging people to take part in the On Your Feet Britain initiative.

The Get Britain Standing campaign is working with the British Heart Foundation to run the challenge, launched today (March 27, 2015).

Prof John Buckley is backing the call for workers to ditch their office chairs and raise vital funds for cardiovascular disease. Workers are encouraged to sit less and move more to reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease whilst raising money for life-saving research. 

Employees are being set the task, on April 24, 2015, to find different ways of getting on their feet, by holding walking meetings, getting outside at lunchtime, simply taking five minutes to stand up and stretch or set up a team challenge.

Prof Buckley’s studies have shown the benefits for standing for much of the day, as opposed to sitting. He recommends that office workers who spend all day behind their desks, consider working standing up, and advocates the use of standing desks in the office.

The Professor of Applied Exercise Science is a resident of the Shrewsbury area, Chair of the International Council of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation and was a founding and managing partner of the Lifestyle Fitness and Physiotherapy Centre at Radbrook Green, Shrewsbury, for 21 years (1988 to 2009).

Prof Buckley’s research has found that switching from chairs to working standing up reduces obesity and improves circulation.

The findings have highlighted that standing for an extra three hours a day burns 144 calories, more than 30,000 calories or 8lbs (3.6kg) of fat each year.

He said: “In the past 50 years, sports and exercise participation have remained at least the same, so it is sedentary behaviours such as sitting at a desk and nutrition which are the key factors causing weight gain, heart and blood pressure problems or diabetes.”

Prof Buckley encourages people to find ways to be more active in their day-to-day lives for example, by taking the stairs instead of using a lift.

He added: “It’s little changes in behaviour such as this, or standing at your desk, that can add up to make quite a big difference to your health.

“That’s why the On Your Feet Britain initiative is important and I’m encouraging people to get involved.”

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