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Course overview

Biochemistry is the fascinating branch of laboratory-based science that brings together chemistry and biology to explore life at the molecular level. Today’s research biochemists are at the forefront of advances in many fields, including medicine, genetics, pharmaceuticals, toxicology, plant sciences, forensic science and food science. On this course you will acquire the knowledge and techniques that you will need to begin to approach contemporary biological problems and to start to look for solutions.

  • Guildhall
3 Years

Why Study Biochemistry with us?

This course is for you if you:

  • have an interest in understanding the biochemistry of life
  • wish to study how cells live and die
  • want to understand the different ways in which cells communicate
  • want to understand how we can manipulate genes or gene expression to improve food production or cure genetic disease
  • want to explore novel drug targets.

During this course, you will be able to:

  • help shape the future of biochemical research
  • study Biochemistry in the birthplace of Darwin, walk Darwin’s thinking path at The Mount while pondering how our environment interacts with our genes and metabolism, and sit in the library where Darwin was schooled.


Guildhall is nestled on the banks of the River Severn, and only a short walk from the winding streets of Shrewsbury.
First constructed in 2004, and renovated for the arrival of University Centre Shrewsbury in 2015, the Guildhall building is used as the main centre for teaching and learning and offers fresh, modern and open spaces for students to enjoy.
The building boasts brand-new computer suites, lecture and seminar rooms, open-plan laboratories, a spacious library, as well as a student common room, lounge, fitness suite, courtyard, and on-site café.

Campus Tours

University Centre Shrewsbury campus tours provide a great opportunity to see our brand-new facilities and accommodation.

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