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Course overview

Geographical study provides distinctive insights into the natural processes that shape our physical landscape and the forces that mould the societies in which we live. At Shrewsbury, we use traditional and modern geographical methods and technologies to provide an individual learning experience that focuses on knowledge and skills relevant to today’s employers. This is underpinned and enhanced through our working links with businesses and organisations, locally and further afield.

September 2019
  • Guildhall
3 Years

Why Study Geography with us?

With smaller class sizes, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a more tailored, individual experience to learning. In Shrewsbury, we have much to offer in terms of our blended approach to human and physical geography and training in Geographical Information Systems (GIS), the focus being on integration and application. We maximise the opportunities presented by the local environmental context to bring geography to life through engagement with businesses, organisations and professionals in the community, and to allow for a broader understanding of the role, importance and application of geography in the everyday. Learning opportunities are provided locally, but we don't stop there! Our fieldwork opportunities in the UK, and internationally, for example, Spain, Italy, Norway and the USA, provide additional possibilities for distinctive learning experience.



Guildhall is nestled on the banks of the River Severn, and only a short walk from the winding streets of Shrewsbury.
First constructed in 2004, and renovated for the arrival of University Centre Shrewsbury in 2015, the Guildhall building is used as the main centre for teaching and learning and offers fresh, modern and open spaces for students to enjoy.
The building boasts brand-new computer suites, lecture and seminar rooms, open-plan laboratories, a spacious library, as well as a student common room, lounge, fitness suite, courtyard, and on-site café.

Campus Tours

University Centre Shrewsbury campus tours provide a great opportunity to see our brand-new facilities and accommodation.