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Course overview

This course explores genetic disease and the mutations which may lead to disease. It also looks at the interaction between the environment and genes. Genetic analysis is an important tool for the clinician and can lead to more effective personalised treatments. In addition, it leads to better evidence-based advice for genetic counsellors.

  • Guildhall
3 Years

Why Study Medical Genetics with us?

Many diseases have a well-characterised genetic basis, while others are multifactorial with a genetic component. This course will give you an opportunity to explore genetic disease, the types of mutations leading to disease, and the consequences for treatment. You will build a strong scientific understanding of the genetic and molecular basis of human health and disese. You will study the human genome in depth and be introduced to medical research, genetic counselling and bioethics. The molecular revolution will continue well into this century and the number of effective genetic treatments will increase – so be well prepared to take part.

This course is for you if you:

  • have an interest in understanding genetic diseases
  • wish to study how evolution has impacted genetic disease
  • want to understand how we can manipulate genes or gene expression to cure genetic disease
  • want to contribute effectively to the debate on the ethics of genetic engineering

During this course, you will study genetics in the beautiful birthplace of Charles Darwin together with a broad range of other relevant topics including: gene expression, proteins, applied molecular biology and biomedical ethics.



Guildhall is nestled on the banks of the River Severn, and only a short walk from the winding streets of Shrewsbury.
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The building boasts brand-new computer suites, lecture and seminar rooms, open-plan laboratories, a spacious library, as well as a student common room, lounge, fitness suite, courtyard, and on-site café.

Campus Tours

University Centre Shrewsbury campus tours provide a great opportunity to see our brand-new facilities and accommodation.