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Meet our Graduates and see what they have to say about their time at Shrewsbury. Here you can read about our Graduates’ experiences of study and life at University Centre Shrewsbury and what they’ve gone on to do following their degrees.  

Michelle Pound

I have recently accepted a job with Shropshire community NHS trust with the public health nursing team working with teenagers and young people in north of Shropshire. My experiences at UCS have helped me gain valuable experience working with multi disciplinary teams that will no doubt benefit me in my new role.


My biggest highlight is how much my lecturers cared. They really do try their best in encouraging you and challenging you to reach your best potential on the course.

Andrew Rocke


People do not remain strangers for long here, and due to this, friendships have been struck up which have transcended year groups.

Molly Watkins-Fruen

Genetics and Evolution student Molly found that attending University Centre Shrewsbury allowed her to try new things, build confidence and achieve a first-class BSc degree in the process.

Christian Heenan

I’ve been offered my dream job at Nuffield Health Medical Centre in Canary Wharf as a Health & Wellbeing Physiologist. UCS has amazing staff who genuinely care about your wellbeing, offer support whenever you need it and always make sure there is never a dull moment in the day!

Jonathan Breakall


UCS has allowed me to achieve more than I could ever have thought possible and I truly believe this is down to the dedication and passion of the UCS staff; they are what makes this institution special.

Zara Morris

There are so many opportunities available at UCS from volunteering, work experience and internships to involvement in the Students’ Union and setting up sports clubs and societies.

Holly Elizabeth Smith


The quality of teaching is second-to-none and our staff really would do anything for us.

Lauren Richards

All of the staff at UCS, whether academics, Students’ Union and Support and in the Library, seemed to all work together and know the students’ strengths and weaknesses, which all added to building our confidence.

Max Ellington

UCS brings a great dynamic to the town, acting as a hub for academia, while maintaining a relaxed yet focused attitude, something I think was key to my time at UCS.

Katherine Emanuel

The variety of content on the Health and Exercise Science course looked second to none and that’s exactly how it has turned out.